Bitter Cold and Possibly Early Snow.

Vic Ward
5 min readNov 12, 2018

Yesterday I wondered if to get ahead I have to select a topic I think people would be interested in, research it and submit it to Medium.

Is that the world of writing?

Or, is it telling others how to write. Everything successful on the net seems to be that way. Tell people how to buy something. Flip it. Write another article. Or, learn something. Throw in a class here and there for a big fee. Look out! Bang! Success.

Learn a trick.

A way to make a comfortable living doing what they do well but not to dominate their life going from one success trick to the next.

Authors go from TV show to show where they tell how they wrote their last book. That can’t be fun or a thing done for itself if they are on the road hawking their latest winner.

In The Brook Kerith, the boy. Joseph wants to go to the next place, to see the next valley. He doesn’t think of rest. Or, of his Hebrew studies.

“person in red top waling beside mountain” by Simon English on Unsplash

When the last place didn’t satisfy us, maybe we’ll go to were ever. Acclimate and not like this new place either. The mover’s problems go with them. Problems which can’t be solved by changing scenery or jobs.

The solutions include being satisfied with where they happen to live, home.

The moves and travel appear to be a distraction, self imposed until they learn the local life style. What does that have to do with writing.

The work that was supposed to be so pleasing that they could look back after a few hours of work and say. YES!

People find a market for their work, good or bad and then move. Not learning how to see better.

Which painter was it that built a bridge over a pond? Then painted the same lily pond 18 times. Not to get to it right, but because it was beautiful? Monet worked his lily pond paintings. They were beauty for itself.

“yellow petaled flowers” by Kelly Kiernan on Unsplash

Can successful writers figure out how to stay home? Work on their things of beauty.


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