Solving Problems

Too Many Trips, too Many Soup Bowl

Vic Ward
5 min readDec 8, 2020

Most of the time you don’t think to come up with new ideas to solve a problem. You do it the way that first comes to mind. Or, the way it has always been done.

Look at problems as opportunities to apply creative solutions.

Imagine a family event with 30 people attending. Tables cover the yard. Each table has plates, bowls. silverware, drinking glasses, napkins and crackers. And, unlike in the picture above — the guests are seated at the tables, having a drink and talking.

But, the hot soup is in the kitchen, on the stove in a big stew pot.

You need a way to get the soup from the kitchen safely to the bowls on the table.

Problem — should you take each bowl from the table to the kitchen. Fill it. And, return to the table? 30 times?

Can you find a better way?

Creative problem-solving techniques work on most problems

Brainstorming, for instance. Brainstorming processes don’t require very bright young people covering the walls of a meeting in an advertising agency with suggested ideas. Like the pictures we see of advertising agencies.



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